Q, Why is the delivery time for each model model in the shop listed in weeks. ?

A, Most of the models are built, assembled etc by hand to order and as such this does take a little more time than an off the shelf model. Delivery times are monitored regularly to ensure they are up to date, if an order is likely to be late the customer will be notified by email of any delays, etc.

Q, The models appear more expensive than my "Hornby & Bachmann" items ?

A, Again models are produced in small batch numbers for a niche market, requiring more labour in assembly etc...with little benefit from economies of scale !

Q, What does Ready to run mean ?

A, RTR or Ready to run means the wagon is fully assembled with couplings etc and painted/detailed ready for immediate use.

Q, Will the models in your shop run on my "Hornby" track ?

 A, Yes, all the rolling stock from Irish Freight Models will run just fine on Hornby & Peco 00 gauge track.

Q, Are these models fragile ?

A, We expect our models to be used normally on layouts etc, and so design them to withstand frequent handling, but depending on the model they may have delicate detailing parts, and should always be handled carefully  by an adult !

All wagons are track tested  pre delivery.

Q, What if my model arrives damaged ?

A, We use fairly robust packaging, never jiffy bags etc..,in the rare event of damage occuring we will send a replacement when we receive the return item.

Q, I cant see an item in interested in ?

A, If you have any queries regarding the website or the rolling stock listed or an item you woulk like to see, send us an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.